Hyperion (initiative briefing sideview)
Hyperion represents one of several arks specifically designed for the Andromeda Initiative's mission. While its support staff is comprised of a variety of Milky Way races, Hyperion is primarily responsible for the transport of human colonists to Andromeda. At more than one-and-a-half kilometers long and weighing 17 million metric-tons, Hyperion – and its sister arks – rank among the largest starships in the galaxy. Hyperion is currently in the final stages of construction within the moon's orbit.

As with the other arks, Hyperion is equipped with the experimental ODSY Drive System for sustained FTL in dark space. 20,000 humans are in cryogenic stasis aboard Hyperion, among them the Pathfinder assigned to the ship - Alec Ryder.

Mass Effect: AndromedaEdit

Hyperion runs into problems upon arrival at its assigned world, Habitat 7. Contact is lost with Nexus and the other arks. Hyperion arrived in Heleus 14 months after the Nexus. As the crew began awakening from stasis, the ark ran into an energy cloud that caused extensive damage. Even worse, their arrival at Habitat 7 was less than ideal, with the planet being inhospitable compared to their earlier long-ranged scans. Pathfinder Alec Ryder led his team down to the surface to assess the environment, only to encounter hostile alien lifeforms. In the end, Alec was forced to sacrifice his life to save the life of his child, whom he designated the new Pathfinder.

Hyperion then proceeded to rendezvous with the Nexus, providing the long-awaited power supply for the station. The Hyperion is eventually attacked by the Archon and is taken to the Remnant dyson-sphere world of Meridian. During the final battle for Meridian, the Hyperion crashes into the planet's surface, where it since resides permanently as "Port Meridian".

Locations Edit

  • Cryo Bay - the storage and revival location for all those aboard that slept the over 600 year journey to the Andromeda Galaxy.
  • Habitation Deck - the main atrium where colonists gather to socialize and work, also the location of SAM Node and Ryder's personal quarters.

Crew Edit