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The multiplayer component of Mass Effect: Andromeda is a co-operative game mode similar to Mass Effect 3's multiplayer. Players take on the enemy threats as part of the APEX Force, whose task is to protect the Andromeda Initiative's interests. Completing special missions may earn the player certain single player rewards, but otherwise the multiplayer mode is completely optional and does not affect the story of the single player mode in any fashion.[1][2]

Missions Edit

Multiplayer missions consist of pitting the player and up to three allies against waves of enemies on various battlefields throughout the Heleus Cluster. The number of waves is seven by default. Some waves are completed by killing all the enemies, whereas objective waves have a time limit. After completing the objective, remaining enemies have to be eliminated to finish the wave. Each objective awards a certain amount of experience (XP) depending on the speed of completion. The mission fails if the timer expires before the objective is completed or all players go down.

On the last wave, all players must defend against the enemy for a set time period, then retreat to the designated extraction zone within the time limit.

Difficulty Edit

MEAMP Bronze MEAMP Silver MEAMP Gold MEAMP Platinum
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

All multiplayer missions have four challenge difficulties, in order from easiest to hardest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Higher difficulties feature stronger and more numerous enemies, as well as difficult enemy types in earlier waves and in larger numbers, but also grant better rewards.

Enemy Type Edit

APEX forces may encounter three types of enemy during their missions:

The Platinum difficulty offers a specific challenge by mixing all three types of enemies.

Custom Missions Edit

Regular missions grant credits and XP. Players may customize the map, enemy type, and difficulty.

APEX Missions Edit

See also: APEX Missions

APEX Missions are the type of Strike Team Mission that can alternatively be completed as a multiplayer mission. Multiplayer credits and XP can be earned only if the mission is completed as a multiplayer match, whereas Mission Funds and Pathfinder rewards are earned regardless of the manner of completion.

APEX Missions have preset modifiers, typically reducing effectiveness in some areas (such as weak point damage or shields) and increasing it in others. There are two types of APEX Mission: some refresh daily, like other Strike Team Missions, whereas special APEX Missions may be available for a limited period of a few days.

Depending on whether the mission modifier increases or decreases player effectiveness, there is a penalty or bonus to XP and credits compared to the respective regular multiplayer missions. For limited-time missions, the rewards may include a special pack in the store.

Character Selection Edit

Choose a character from a variety of options.

List of Characters Edit

Players can choose from different character classes and seven different races to play 36 individual unique multiplayer characters. Individual character weapons and equipment can be customized between matches with additional weapons and equipment obtained by purchasing packs from the Store.

Common (male/female) Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare
Human Adept
Human Engineer
Human Infiltrator
Human Sentinel
Human Soldier
Human Vanguard
Asari Adept
Asari Sentinel
Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard
Salarian Infiltrator
Turian Soldier
Angara Insurgent
Asari Huntress
Krogan Mercenary
Turian Havoc Trooper
Salarian Architect*
Turian Agent*
Batarian Scrapper*
Human Juggernaut*
Human Artificer*
Human Commando*
Human Guardian*
Angara Avenger
Asari Duelist
Human Kineticist
Salarian Operator
Krogan Gladiator*
Angara Exemplar*
Batarian Vanguard*

Note: 26 of the multiplayer characters were initially available while 10 additional characters (*) were gradually phased in with the advancement of APEX Missions.

Character Customization Edit

Manage your character's loadout, skills, consumables, and visual customization.

Characters' appearance, weapons, and equipment can be customized between matches, and additional equipment can be obtained by purchasing packs and items from the store. Characters can be assigned custom names in the APEX HQ app or in-game. These custom names are not visible to other players.

Weapons Edit

Type Common Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare
Assault Rifles M-8 Avenger M-96 Mattock
L-89 Halberd
M-37 Falcon
X5 Ghost
N7 Valkyrie
Pistols M-3 Predator
M-5 Phalanx
M-25 Hornet
N7 Eagle
N7 Hurricane
Sniper Rifles Viper Incisor
M-90 Indra
Black Widow
Kishock Harpoon Gun
N7 Valiant
Shotguns M-23 Katana Disciple
Reegar Carbine
N7 Crusader
N7 Piranha

With Patch 1.09, new versions of the standard weapons were added that have additional benefits. These new versions have additional text added after the standard definition text, descriptions and stats of the new benefits, the benefit type in (parathensis) is added after the name of the weapon, and the weapon paint coloring scheme changes (based on each specific weapon).

Note: On the patch/update list and weapon cards, these weapons are not referred to by the full name but only by the first letter of the new weapon type. B is Bulwalk, C is Concussive, and S is Siphon. Example: Avenger S is the M-8 Avenger (Siphon).

Bulwark Edit

(Bulwark): This weapon upgrade is based on tech accidentally discovered while creating shield generators. The Bulwark's user takes less damage from all sources when standing near allies - the more allies, the stronger the effect.

Gain Damage Resistance with each nearby ally.

+ Damage Resistance Near One Ally
+ Damage Resistance Near Two Allies
+ Damage Resistance Near Three Allies

Paint scheme changes to yellow.

Concussive Edit

(Concussive): Initiative scientists have outdone themselves with this weapon upgrade. Using this upgrade to kill an enemy with a headshot causes a massive explosion, essentially turning the target into a bomb.

Killing an enemy by shooting its weak point causes an explosion.

+ Area Damage
+ Radius (m)

Paint scheme changes to purple.

Siphon Edit

(Siphon): This weapon upgrade was developed by anagran scientists excited to experiment with biotics for the first time. The Siphon heals the user while shooting enemies and temporarily increases the amount of healing with fatal shots.

This weapon restores your health as it deals damage.

+ % Damage Returned As Health
+ % Heal Bonus Per Kill
+ Kill Streak Duration (seconds)
+ Maximum Kill Bonuses

Paint scheme changes to red.

Mods Edit

Multiplayer Skills Edit

Main article: Skills

Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer mode uses the class system of previous Mass Effect games.

Skill sets are fixed, character-specific, and consist of 3 active and 2 passive skills using a mix of the standard 36 skills available from single-player gameplay as well as new multiplayer only skills.

The multiplayer Skill types break down into three main color coded categories: Combat (Red), Tech (Orange), and Biotics (Violet). Each category type has its own set of active (MEA Active Generic Skill Icon) and passive (MEA Passive Generic Skill Icon) skills.

Combat Tech Biotics
MEA Active Combat Skill Icon Avenger StrikeMEA Active Tech Skill Icon Recon VisorMEA Active Biotic Skill Icon Warp
MEA Active Combat Skill Icon FortifyMEA Active Tech Skill Icon Shield BoostMEA Passive Biotic Skill Icon Biotic Ascension
MEA Active Combat Skill Icon Frag GrenadeMEA Active Tech Skill Icon Snap Freeze
MEA Active Combat Skill Icon Sticky GrenadeMEA Active Tech Skill Icon Stealth Grid
MEA Passive Combat Skill Icon Aerial AssaultMEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Bioelectric Defense
MEA Passive Combat Skill Icon APEX TrainingMEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Bioelectric Focus
MEA Passive Combat Skill Icon Munitions TrainingMEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Defense Drone
MEA Passive Combat Skill Icon RageMEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Remnant Armor
MEA Passive Combat Skill Icon Weapon TrainingMEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Support Systems
MEA Passive Tech Skill Icon Tech Armor

Note: †A few skills listed above are used by single-player squadmates but are unable to be used by Pathfinder Ryder. (Refer to individual skill pages for details on availability.)

Prestige Edit

Check out your collections, challenges, leaderboards, and bonus stats.

Mass Effect: Andromeda introduces permanent bonuses to characters through a mechanic called Prestige. Each character is associated with a group of bonus stats; progressing a particular stat will, up to a limit, apply the related bonus to all multiplayer characters. Like other types of online progress, these bonuses do not apply to additional accounts or platforms.[3][4] Any XP gained with a character, regardless of the character's level or rank, counts towards XP for the related Bonus Stat. Each Bonus stat starts from level 0 and can be upgraded to a max level of 10. The Bonus Stats are unlocked for every Character of the account.

Bonus Stat Level Experience Required Bonus
Level 1 2,127,000 +1%
Level 2 6,381,000 +2%
Level 3 12,762,000 +3%
Level 4 21,270,000 +4%
Level 5 31,905,000 +5%
Level 6 44,667,000 +6%
Level 7 59,556,000 +7%
Level 8 76,572,000 +8%
Level 9 95,715,000 +9%
Level 10 116,985,000 +10%

Bonus Stat Related Characters
All Power Recharge Speeds Angara Avenger
Angara Exemplar
Angara Insurgent
Asari Huntress
Human Engineer
Krogan Mercenary
Salarian Operator
Health & Shield Regen Delay Reduction Asari Sentinel
Human Sentinel
Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard
Health Regeneration Cap Asari Adept
Human Adept
Human Artificer
Human Infiltrator
Human Juggernaut
Krogan Gladiator
Salarian Infiltrator
Max Health Human Commando
Human Kineticist
Human Vanguard
Turian Havoc Trooper
Max Shields Asari Duelist
Batarian Scrapper
Batarian Vanguard
Human Guardian
Human Soldier
Salarian Architect
Turian Agent
Turian Soldier

Ranking Edit

  • APEX rating: Earn a higher APEX Rating by gaining character levels, unlocking higher weapon levels, defeating challenges, extracting from matches, finishing missions, and resetting a character's level (25 points).
  • Challenge rating: Earn Challenge points by completing tutorial missions, accomplishments, APEX Mastery, Map Mastery, APEX Rating, killing foes of each faction, and weapon mastery which includes; pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, combatives, biotics, and tech points.

Store Edit

The store sells multiplayer equipment and item packs, and distributes special rewards earned. Contents of these packs include weapon upgrades, mods, character unlocks, and more. Packs may be purchased with in-game credits earned through gameplay, or alternatively with real currency. Mission Funds MEA Mission Funds Icon, a new currency earned through Strike Team Missions, can be used to purchase particular items in the multiplayer store.

Multiplayer Maps Edit

Firebase Maps Edit

Specialized Maps Edit

Note: Currently only available during APEX weekly missions

Servers Edit

As opposed to having dedicated servers, Mass Effect: Andromeda multiplayer employs a peer-to-peer system like Mass Effect 3. There are currently no plans for supporting cross-platform play.[5] The multiplayer mode is not region-locked, although the matchmaking system prefers towards good connection.[6]

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