For more specific information on primary missions, see Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide.

This is a listing of all Missions in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Priority Ops are generally required to advance along the critical path; other missions and tasks are optional. While companion loyalty missions are not required to complete the game, they contain a significant chunk of the overall story. Some Priority Ops and Heleus assignments are required to complete specific loyalty missions.

Priority Ops Edit

These are main story missions and are required to complete the game.

Allies and Relationships Edit

These are missions provided by squadmates and other notable NPCs.

Squad and crew Edit


Heleus Assignments Edit

These are planet and ship specific missions. Completing them will help increase the overall Viability for that planet. They are also often required to gain the trust of other factions native to those planets.

Aya Edit

Elaaden Edit

Eos Edit

H-047c Edit

Havarl Edit

Kadara Edit

Nexus Edit

Tempest Edit

The Movie Night

Voeld Edit

Additional Tasks Edit

These are tasks that are not closely related to the overall story arc and are completely optional. (In parentheses is the location where the task starts.)