Disambiguous This article is about the planet. For the mission in Mass Effect, see Virmire (mission).

Location: Milky WaySentry OmegaHoc System Third planet

Prerequisite: Completion of two major plot worlds — Feros, Noveria or Therum (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

Virmire is a lush frontier world, ideal for colonization by carbon-based species. Its vast seas and orbital position on the inner life zone have created a wide equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. Unfortunately, the political instability of the nearby Terminus Systems has impeded colonization efforts - the high risk of raids by pirates and slavers makes it an unappealing homestead.

Codex Entry Edit

Virmire is a lush world located on the frontier of the Attican Traverse. Its vast seas and orbital position on the inner life zone have created a wide equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. Only the political instability of the region has impeded efforts at colonization.

Many times, the Citadel has opened negotiations to settle Virmire with the various criminal gangs and petty dictatorships in the nearby Terminus Systems. All fell apart due to internal power shifts within the opposing parties. The Citadel has written off the colonization of Virmire as impossible without significant political change.

The Terminus powers themselves are unlikely to ever settle Virmire. Most lack the resources to support settlement of a virgin world, finding it more expedient to steal from their neighbors than build for themselves.

Missions Edit

Virmire gmap

Assignments Edit

Lifeforms Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Cutscenes on this planet are the only cutscenes in which most characters are shown wearing their default armor, even if they have different armor equipped. The only exceptions are Wrex — who wears a heavier variant of his standard Mercenary armor — and Shepard.
  • According to The Art of the Mass Effect Universe, Virmire was based on the Thai Phi Phi Islands. Virmire was also originally intended to be an island paradise and galactic vacation spot, but the story was later changed and the planet became the site of Saren's base.
  • Mass Effect: Blasto: Eternity is Forever takes place on Virmire.

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